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If you are looking for an alternative to the OEM’s for design changes, capacity upgrades or engineering support, then Simmers is that alternative.

We won’t try to sell you a new crane or component unless you absolutely need one or it is the best of all alternatives. Simmers has been performing capacity analysis and engineering design services since 1958 on various crane manufacturers equipment including but not limited to: Alliance Machine, Bedford, Browning, Cleveland, Crane Manufacturing and Service, Demag, DeShazo, Ederer, Gaffey, Harnischfeger (P&H), Kranco, Kone, Landel, Manning Maxwell & Moore, Mecomatic, Morgan, Northern, Paceco, Reading, Stanspec, Virginia, Zenar. Our engineering staff consists of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering personnel, many of which are Registered Professional Engineers.

Over 65 years of excellence in engineering, building, and maintaining overhead cranes and hoists.