Simmers Crane Design & Services Co. can provide turnkey solutions to do all the heavy lifting and planning for virtually any project. Our company will provide a project engineer who will oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring the project goes as planned with minimum disturbances. The project engineer will be responsible for:

  • Ordering materials
  • Organizing man power
  • Laying out the installation by developing a specific well-planned work scope specific for our field technicians
  • Developing any rigging plans
  • Communicating with the field service team
  • Maintaining and monitoring delivery schedules
  • Handling and providing support for any underlying issues
  • Making approvals
  • Drafting spare parts lists and maintenance manuals
  • Directly communicating with your company

The project engineer will be available to answer any questions or concerns your company may have throughout the project.

Slab Handling Crane

Locomotive Engine Turbo Case Lift Device

crane locomotive engine lift
crane turnkey solution

Simmers was contracted to design a BTH lift device to lift a locomotive engine turbo case in both the pre-machined and post-machined conditions as well as lifting the turbo case in (2) orientations (180 degree flip), utilizing the one device. The capacity of the device is 1,000 pounds and it features a built-in counter-weight to allow for the part to be level when lifted with the device as well as the device to hang level when unloaded.

Turbine Gate Below The Hook Lift Device

crane beam

Simmers was contracted to design an automatic latching/unlatching device that could operate underwater to raise/lower turbine dam gates in place. The capacity of the lift device is 24,000 pounds.

Slab Handling Crane Modernization

Simmers Crane Design and Services provided a turnkey solution including engineering, fabrication & installation of components to modify and upgrade a 50ton overhead bridge crane located in a Ohio steel mill. Prior to this project, it was required to use two overhead bridge cranes in tandem to lift the 53ft long slabs exiting the caster. With Simmers engineering and field expertise, we were able provide a solution and transform one crane to handle the large slabs on its own. In addition to modifying the crane, Simmers analyzed and modified the customers lifter to accept the new trolley configuration. All modification/upgrade work was engineered and designed to current CMAA & ASME specifications with complete drawings provided to the customer.

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