OSHA requires that “complete inspections of the cranes shall be performed…”. At Simmers Crane Design & Services we fully understand the Code of Federal Regulations requirements so you don’t have to. We fully train our Service Technicians to perform proper crane and hoist inspections. When the inspection is completed, our Service Department will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report for your records. To keep your equipment in reliable and safe operation and to have the appropriate documentation, count on our team of professionals.

OSHA inspection of crane

What We Offer:

  • Perform OSHA Frequent & Periodic Inspections
  • Perform Basic Preventive Maintenance
  • Provide Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Competent Full Time Personnel
  • Appropriate staffing per our customer’s work schedule
  • Up To Date Technical & Safety Training
  • Provide Estimates for Parts and Service as Identified

Inspection Reports

  • Conform to OSHA 29CFR 1910.179 and ASME B30.2-2011
  • Complete Asset Management
  • Export and Print Reports
  • Image Capture & Annotation
  • Prioritize Conditions
  • Date Stamp

If an emergency situation is discovered during an inspection, our company has the ability to quickly evaluate and develop an engineered repair plan, and execute the necessary repairs to get our customers back to production as quick as possible

Mobile Inspection Capabilities

Our inspectors use mobile devices such as tablets for documenting each inspection.


Versatile program used on cranes, hoists and runways

inspections icon
  • Custom forms to match your equipment and inspection requirements.
  • Ability to capture pictures to help explain deficiencies.
  • Allows tech to input data for parts and time necessary to fix and repair (faster quoting).
  • Prioritizing deficiencies and providing recommendations for repair.


Allows for individual asset identifying and monitoring

tracking icon
  • Each piece of equipment has its own report and is easy to monitor known issues
  • Utilize QR tags for quick and easy equipment identification
  • Can also be used with scan programs such as RFID (radio frequency identification)


Built in management system

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  • Allows for faster scheduling of inspections including copying previous tasks
  • Reports can be generated, printed and sent to customer before technician leaves site


Allows for customized metrics to produce readable analytics

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  • You can build various chart or graph based reports
  • Printable reports on meeting goals based on time such as length of inspection

Over 65 years of excellence in engineering, building, and maintaining overhead cranes and hoists.