Simmers Crane Design & Services hires, trains and employs service technicians local to the markets we serve.  We understand not just your equipment, but also the production processes that you perform.  In addition to OSHA inspections of cranes and hoists, we also perform scheduled maintenance, emergency repair services and on-site 24 hour maintenance coverage.  We will tailor a program to meet your requirements to save you production downtime and money. Additional crane related services that we provide include the below:

Crane Repairs

Grounding of Crane Runway Conductor Bars Per NEC:

OSHA CFR 1910.6, ASME B30.2 and ANSI/NFPA70E NEC now require a dedicated ground conductor for crane runway electrification systems.  For existing systems, complete replacement of the runway conductors is not necessary to meet the new grounding requirements.  In most cases, we can supply and install a dedicated ground conductor in parallel to existing systems.  This “green bar” will get bonded on board the crane as well as to the building ground to prevent the flow of any current through wheel bearings or through wire ropes which can cause significant damage to the crane. We can inspect your existing system to recommend the most economical and best technical solution for your crane.

Engineered Lifts, Lifting Plans and Below the Hook Devices:

Our company provides the engineering support as well as the field experience and execution for a very complicated engineered lift or for prequalification of a routine lift.  Many major manufacturers rely on our engineers to develop, document and perform engineered lifts.  An operator needs to know the weight of the part, the capacity of the crane, the attachment points and rigging devices among other things.  Let us develop and document the plan.  The pre-qualified lift plan can be posted for production employees to utilize in their routine lifts.  Whether it’s development of a certified below the hook (BTH) lifting device or utilization of existing equipment, we help to eliminate the guesswork and keep your operators safe.

Laser Alignment of Shafts:

crane laser alignment

Electric motors, eddy current brakes, drive shafts and gearboxes depend upon precise alignment for smooth operation and long service life.  Whenever a motor, or other driveline component, is replaced, the alignment should be checked and components properly shimmed. We have qualified technicians that are able to bring our laser alignment system into the field to accurately set your machine positions.  Proper alignment ensures longest wearing duty cycles and reduced maintenance costs.  In many cases, proper alignment can also prevent catastrophic failures of driving components that could result in a dropped load.  Contact us today regarding your motor alignment needs.

Coupling Inspection and Repair:

crane coupling inspection

Coupling inspections typically consist of a simple visual evaluation.  The inspector can see the general condition, bolts and exterior of the keyways.  What they can’t see is the condition of internal teeth, hubs and grease.  A failure in a hoist coupling can result in a catastrophic dropped load.  Many of our customers rely on us to inspect critical drive couplings on an annual basis.  We remove any guards, split the couplings, clean all parts and then thoroughly inspect all of the internal parts.  The couplings can then be reinstalled and lubricated after replacement of any defective parts.  If you don’t recall the last time you opened up critical drive couplings, it has probably been too long.  Contact us for a detailed proposal on coupling inspection and repair crane services.

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